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I am so upset with Artistic Checks. I placed a recent order not remembering that ten years ago I had also ordered from them.

Well, guess what? Instead of contacting me to ask if I wanted them to go ahead with my order even though it would cost me almost $40 more, they went ahead and printed up my order and then had the gall to send me a bill. I called them and a man basically told me too bad, once the order is printed, then the customer is stuck. I told him that I thought it took a lot of gall to do what they were doing.

So, he then said he would take 50% off of the bill; however, when I told him I would be reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau, he then told me the offer was off the table and was I going to pay or not.

I said "No" and hung up the phone. I am still upset that a company can have such poor customer relations and still be in business.

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I also sent in an order for checks not realizing that I had done so previously. They did not contact me prior to the printing so I also got stuck with a huge bill.

I never under any circumstance would pay that kind of money for checks.

I think that their business ethics are deplorable. I am very angry with the company and I will never do business with them again.

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